European union long-term vision for rural areas
Rural areas are very important for mountaineering community because we perform a wide range of our activities there and we have a lot of our mountaineering infrastructure (paths/trails, huts and climbing areas)
EUMA statement on the Postcovid-19 situation
EUMA STATEMENT MOUNTAINEERING POSTCOVID-19   From the EUMA, the European Union of Mountaineering Association, an organisation that includes the mountain and climbing federations and clubs of 25 European
Act of solidarity to RUMRA and MEP
Dear Sir or Madam The Corona pandemic has paralysed mountain tourism and mountaineering, as well as other activities, and has thus severely affected people who live in and make a living from mountain regions.

EUMA Members

European mountaineering in numbers

mountaineers in 27 associations from 25 countries
km of mountain trails
mountain huts and shelters/bivouacs
climbing areas


UIAA – International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation

The UIAA promotes the growth and protection of mountaineering and climbing worldwide.

ERA - European Ramblers Association

ERA comprises 63 walking organisations from 33 European countries.

Tenerife Walking Festival

This is a Hiking Festival open to nature lovers from all over the world.