About EUMA

European Mountaineering Association


We are an umbrella organisation of 33 European mountaineering associations from different countries with approximately 3,210,243 million members.

We strive to include mountaineering in European Union priorities as an important factor of quality of life and to be recognised as the dialogue partner for mountaineering by EU institutions.


What are we standing for?

  • Free responsible access to mountains:  mountains do not “belong” to anyone. They should be habitat and environment for living things, shared in harmony and with mutual respect. The basic right for human beings to enjoy this environment, without destroying or disturbing the fragile ecological balance.
  • Commitment to alpine environment protection whenever this mutual respect is missing
  • A common European community spirit: mountaineering overcomes borders and prejudices


What are we doing to achieve this?

  • We are connecting mountaineering organizations from all over Europe
  • We encourage our members to do common activities
  • We tackle shared problems together and learn from others how to cope with specific problems
  • We establish contacts to the European Union institutions to secure support for the goals we stand for.