New common way marking brochure

5 Aug 2022

As one of the visible outcomes of our E+ project we are proud to publish the common Waymarking brochure where we together with our partner the European Ramblers Association have produced a compendium of the different types of waymarking in Europe. With the brochure called “Waymarking in Europe”, a reference book on how waymarking is done in Europe, we are giving a comprehensive overview how Europe is marking its trails. The brochure includes a description of 44 waymarking systems in 34 European countries and in addition, an overview table with signs across Europe. The book was created for walkers, who decide to walk in an unknown country and understand the signs and signposts they should follow safely to the destination.

Waymarking in Europe

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ project “Improvement of good governance of climbing and mountaineering in Europe”, the European Union of Mountaineering Associations (EUMA),  together with the European Ramblers Association (ERA) developed a handbook Waymarking in Europe which is available  for download for free from the EUMA web site:

It provides valuable information about the variety of European waymarking. The handbook will facilitate the orientation when walking, hiking, mountaineering or climbing on the European trails.

The handbook includes a description of 44 waymarking systems in 34 European countries including a handy overview table. The book was created as an orientation aid for walkers, hikers, runners, mountaineers and climbers who plan outdoor activities in other European countries.

The EUMA encourages all national mountaineering federations to post the information regarding our new handbook “Waymarking in Europe” on their web pages and social media channels. In the description, please include the information that the handbook was developed within the Erasmus+ project “Improvement of good governance of climbing and mountaineering in Europe” and make use of the attached logo. Feel free to share this information with your clubs/sections.

We would kindly ask all national mountaineering federations to send us remarks and comments on the Waymarking in Europe handbook to the following addresses:


by October 17, 2022. We plan to issue a new version of this book by the beginning of next year.

The EUMA wishes you an enjoyable time with the new European Waymarking Handbook.

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