European union long-term vision for rural areas

15 Oct 2020

Rural areas are very important for mountaineering community because we perform a wide range of our activities there and we have a lot of our mountaineering infrastructure (paths/trails, huts and climbing areas) is rural areas. It is also very important that a lot of our members and supporters live in these areas. That are the main reasons why we should take part in the European Commission public consultation for long-term vision for rural areas of Europe where we should point out that mountaineering is also very important for rural areas. This broad public consultation is aimed at all interested parties which include Europeans from rural, urban and intermediate areas and NGOs.

We encourage all national mountaineering federations to contribute to this consultation by filling in the online questionnaire. We also propose to national mountaineering federations to encourage clubs/sections and your members, especially those who live in rural areas, to fill in the online questionnaire. The feedback period will finish on 30th of November 2020.

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