30 Oct 2021

Sustainable Tourism

The EUMA at the European week of regions and cities

 A conference organised by EUMA together with members of the Committee of the Regions named “Sustainable Tourism. The Business for Europe’s Mountains”. Hosted by the President of the Romanian Delegation at the CoR, Adrian Teban, it also enjoyed the participation of Marco Onida from DG Environment, ex Secretary General of the Alpine Convention and Claudia Monteiro de Aguiar, MEP - especially dedicated to tourism matters. The conclusions of the conference entangled:

  1. Mountain huts offer opportunities for sustainable businesses – a EU inventory, mapping, and computing of revenues will show the significant impact they have on local economies.
  2. A Carpathian Macroregional Strategy  will mainstream mountain tourism as a growing opportunity most especially in these new times tainted with crises (pandemic, economic downturn).
  3. European Parliament and the Council should assign the competences relating to the mountains to a single commissioner. This would be the premise of an integrated European strategy and partnership of mountain ranges conducted by the Commission, Member States and regional and local authorities, supported by socio-economic and environmental actors, including the involvement of national and European associations representing mountain territorial bodies.
  4. Core aspects of mountaineering should be regulated or standardized at EU level: infrastructure - huts, auxiliary infrastructure of huts like supply ropeway, energy provision of huts and environmental standards for huts, funding; 
  5. Guaranteed right to roam all over the mountains in Europe.

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