50th anniversary of E-Paths (the European long distance trails)

5 Jun 2022

E-Paths are the European long distance trails which link the countries from North Cape to Crete and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Carpathians and the Black Sea. There are 12 E-Paths, bearing the name of E1 to E12. These E-Paths are waymarked and maintained by the members of the European Ramblers Association (ERA).

The E-Paths run on existing national or regional trails with the trails’ own marking. However, it has been agreed to identify the E-paths also here and there with a uniform marking: a blue shield with the yellow stars of Europe, in the middle of which is the letter E and the corresponding number of the E-path.

In year 2022 E-paths celebrate 50th anniversary. The ERA have arranged several events to celebrate such an important anniversary in ERA history:


The European paths – the E-paths – are the backbone of Europe’s walking trails. They are long distance trails that connect national and regional walking trails and provide intercultural experiences across the borders. E-paths connect people and are the paths for peace, understanding and unity. More info: e-paths.org

On 17th of October 2019 presidents of EUMA and ERA signed Cooperation agreement and both organizations are also partners in Erasmus+ project “EUMA – improvement of good governance of climbing and mountaineering in Europe“.

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